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Neural networks and deep learning

Coursera training, MOOC (2018). Given online by Stanford University (US), this training introduces the foundations of deep learning. Main objectives are to understand the major technology trends driving deep learning, be able to build, train, apply and implement fully connected deep neural networks, and understand their key parameters. The training aims to teach how deep learning actually works, rather than presenting only a surface-level description. Learn more

Accounting and finance for IT professionals

Accounting and finance for IT professionalsCoursera training, MOOC (2017). Given online by the Indian School of Business (IN), this training presents the basics of financial accounting and finance. The first part focuses on the most important financial statements, financial health and performance of the company. The second part focuses on the basics of finance. The training also introduces the real options and their impact on decision making. Learn more

Project planning and management

Project planning and managementCoursera training, MOOC (2017). Given online by the University of Virginia (US), this training introduces the key concepts of planning, executing and managing various types of projects. Every organization runs projects, formally or informally. Project management provides organizations and individuals with the language and methodologies for scoping projects, identifying dependencies, sequencing activities, utilizing resources and minimizing risks. Learn more

Learning how to learn

Learning how to learnCoursera training, MOOC (2016). Given online by the University of California (US), this training presents the learning techniques and best practices used by experts in art, music, literature, math, science, sports and many other disciplines. No matter what skill levels in given topics, these techniques aim to turbocharge successful learning by giving tips and insights to make the best use of time on problem sets. Learn more

Introduction to operations management

Introduction to operations managementCoursera training, MOOC (2015). Given online by The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania (US), this training introduces the management skills required to run operations (e.g. to run a restaurant or a hospital). Specifically, the training explains how to improve productivity, increase responsiveness, provide more choice to the customer and deliver higher quality standards. The aim is to provide strategic analyses and solutions to improve business processes. Learn more

Sustainability in practice

Sustainability in practiceCoursera training, MOOC (2015). Given online by The School of Design (PennDesign) of the University of Pennsylvania (US), this training provides an introduction to the ideas and practices that people are using to understand and change connections, including connections across time, that create systems that are greater than the simple sums of their parts, with consequences that are often unexpected. The objective is to pursue more sustainable processes and communities. Learn more

Global sustainable energy

Global sustainable energyCoursera training, MOOC (2014). Given online by the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering of the University of Florida (US), this training covers concepts of work and energy and their relationship with our modern society. Each aspect of this relationship is analyzed, including consumptive patterns for the residential, commercial, industrial and transportation sectors. Sources for fossil fuels and the differences between reserves and production are also examined. Learn more