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Articles related to the tag: [image processing]

VPH 2012 – Conference

VPH 2012 – ConferenceYves Martelli, Tristan Whitmarsh, Ludovic Humbert, François Chung, Luis M. del Río Barquero, Silvana Di Gregorio, Luigi Carotenuto, Alejandro F. Frangi: A software framework for 3D reconstruction and fracture risk assessment of the proximal femur from dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry. VPH 2012: Virtual Physiological Human – Integrative approaches to computational biomedicine, London, 2012. Learn more


APIFRESH (project)Madrid, Spain (2012). The competitiveness of the European beekeeping sector is progressively falling due to the reduction of production as a direct consequence of the decrease in bee population. In addition, beekeeping products from countries with lower quality standards are gaining market share in Europe through an unfair competition. Furthermore, there is a current lack of standards at European level for certain bee products like pollen and royal jelly. Learn more

GIMIAS framework

GIMIAS frameworkBarcelona, Spain (2011). GIMIAS (Graphical Interface for Medical Image Analysis and Simulation) is a workflow-oriented environment for solving advanced biomedical image computing and individualized simulation problems, which is extensible through the development of problem-specific plugins. In addition, GIMIAS provides an open source framework for efficient development of research and clinical software prototypes while allowing business-friendly technology transfer. Learn more