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Certified first response

Certified first responseRed Cross training, Belgium (2017). This classroom training organized by the Belgian Red Cross consolidates the first aid knowledge of the Brevet européen de premiers secours (BEPS). The training aims to provide theoretical and practical knowledge to approach rescue and first aid in case of vital and functional emergency. Role-playing scenarios help to learn how to deal with a victim (e.g. accident, malaise, heat stroke, sunstroke, unconsciousness, bleeding, burn and wound). Learn more

Project planning and management

Project planning and managementCoursera training, MOOC (2017). Given online by the University of Virginia (US), this training introduces the key concepts of planning, executing and managing various types of projects. Every organization runs projects, formally or informally. Project management provides organizations and individuals with the language and methodologies for scoping projects, identifying dependencies, sequencing activities, utilizing resources and minimizing risks. Learn more

First aid

First aidRed Cross training, Belgium (2016). The Brevet européen de premiers secours (BEPS) is a classroom training organized by the Belgian Red Cross. This training aims to make every citizen able to be the first actor in the relief chain when an emergency occurs. The objective is to learn with scenarios the basic rules of intervention as well as the necessary gestures in case of accident, such the displacement of a victim and the observation of its vital functions in case of emergency. Learn more

Requirements engineering

Requirements engineering

Coralius training, Belgium (2016). This classroom training is intended to get acquainted with the requirements engineering process as supported by the International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB). Main objectives are to apply learnings and principles to the requirement gathering and analysis (RGA) phase, recognize risks and address them appropriately, as well as gather, analyze, specify, validate and document requirements in a correct and structured fashion. Learn more