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CBK software

CBK softwareFIS project @Brussels, Belgium (2017). CBK is a chargeback processing software provided by FIS, which resolves disputed transactions while minimizing fraud loss. CBK is implemented at major banks and card processing centers, offers one single interface to cover all types of exception processing problems, cutting down operational costs, ensuring real financial control and relieving users from repetitive and highly time-consuming tasks to focus on decision making. Learn more

Introduction to Scrum

Introduction to ScrumiLean training, Belgium (2015). This classroom training introduces Scrum, which is an iterative and incremental software development methodology used for product development. This training, which combines theoretical concepts, practical exercises, games, discussions and real-life examples, explains how Scrum maximises product value, while minimizing software development-related risks, by iteratively delivering small increments to allow fast feedback. Learn more

Miles software

Miles software

Sofico project @Ghent, Belgium (2015). Miles is a flexible end-to-end software for automotive finance, leasing, fleet and mobility management provided by Sofico. Main customers are leasing companies, car brands and banks. Software delivery projects consist of several phases: preparation, definition (i.e. analysis of the requirements), implementation (i.e. translation of requirements into a solution), system integration and user acceptance testings, go-live and post go-live. Learn more