François Chung, Ph.D.


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‘Quantum tornado’ could unlock secrets of black holes: « This research could eventually lead us to predict how quantum fields behave in curved spacetimes around astrophysical black holes. » @sciencefocus @noaleach #quantum #tornado #blackhole

The miracle of organ donation — and a breakthrough for the future: « Abbas Ardehali introduces cutting-edge medical advances in machine perfusion that could help put time back on the patient's side. » @TEDTalks #organs #transplants #health

Speaking without vocal cords, thanks to a new AI-assisted wearable device: « The new bioelectric system is able to detect movement in a person’s larynx muscles and translate those signals into audible speech. » @UCLA #speaking #wearable #AI

New high-speed microscale 3D printing technique: « A new process for microscale 3D printing creates particles of nearly any shape for applications in medicine, manufacturing, research and more. » @Stanford @Taylor_Kubota #3dprint #microscopic #particle

3 mysteries of the universe — and a new force that might explain them: « We're still in the dark about what 95 percent of our universe is made of. » @TEDTalks @AlexKeshavarzi #darkmatter #physics #universe

Scientists study blood patterns in microgravity to solve space crimes: « This is an area of study that, while novel, has implications for forensic investigations in space. » @IntEngineering @MrigDixit #microgravity #space #forensics

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