François Chung, Ph.D.

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Currently, I am Functional Analyst at Zetes (BE). Prior to that, I have been working as a Scientific Software Engineer at CISTIB from UPF (ES), R&D Engineer in Intelligent Systems at Inspiralia (ES), Consultant in Energy Efficiency at E²=MC (BE), Consultant in Software Implementation at Sofico (BE), Business Analyst at FIS (BE), and Digital Business Analyst at Fujitsu (BE).

Since January 2011, I am Ph.D. in Computer Science from Mines ParisTech (FR). My Ph.D. was done at Asclepios, INRIA Sophia-Antipolis (FR). My thesis mainly deals with the analysis of medical images and took place within the framework of the EU Marie Curie project 3D Anatomical Human (3DAH).

Before starting my Ph.D., I took courses in computer vision and robotics at ViCOROB, UdG (ES). In 2005, I graduated Industrial Engineer in Computer Science (Ing./M.Sc.) from ISIB (BE).

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E² = MC

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Mines ParisTech

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Summer trainings 2023

Summer trainings 2023

Red Cross training, Belgium (2023). This series of summer training courses, which are divided between face-to-face and virtual sessions, is a learning opportunity offered by the Red Cross to all of its members during the summer. Although these trainings are not necessarily related to a particular activity, they are intended to be useful not only within the activities of the Red Cross, but also in the private lives of its members.

Benevolent management

Main subjects:

  • Well-being, letting go, circle of influence;
  • Including people and listening in decisions;
  • Recognizing skills, gaps and difficulties;
  • Bringing the teams to the highest of their potential;
  • Delegating: objective, feedback and rules of the game;
  • Emotional management;
  • Tips for a benevolent management;
  • Fact-based feedback;
  • Collaborative governance: vision, mission and values.

Providing feedback

Main subjects:

  • How to establish effective communication;
  • White flag: positive, named, and introduced intention;
  • Nurturing positive feedback;
  • Karpman's Drama Triangle;
  • Johari window;
  • Feedback: positive, constructive, absolute and factual;
  • The mechanisms of communication;
  • The 4 Toltec Agreements;
  • The Insights Discovery method;
  • Feedback techniques: SBI/SCI, FAIR, DESC, OSBD.

Miro workshop

Main subjects:

  • Miro as a collaborative platform;
  • Structure: team, project, board, frame;
  • Miro template library;
  • Preparing for an online meeting;
  • Collaborative work by sharing boards.


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Storytelling and influencing

Storytelling and influencing

Coursera training, MOOC (2023). The ability to effectively communicate and persuade others is a key leadership skill. Traditional common-sense models of communication and persuasion often fail to capture the complex nature of ‘influencing’. This online training from Macquarie University (AU) aims to develop our capacity to communicate appropriately in different situational and cultural contexts, making us influential leaders.

Week 1: The necessary art of persuasion

Main topics:

  • Persuasive communication;
  • Assessing human behavior;
  • Decision making;
  • Questioning for unconscious values.

Week 2: Telling your story

Main topics:

  • Information processing and recalling stories;
  • Storytellers;
  • The importance of storytelling;
  • Structuring stories.

Week 3: Connecting with people

Main topics:

  • The art and science of building rapport;
  • Relationships only happen with rapport;
  • The matching exercise;
  • Mehrabian's communication model;
  • Making your meeting matter.

Week 4: Talk the talk

Main topics:

  • Group influence and impression management;
  • The three questions to influence;
  • The need to lead;
  • The questions that get real answers.

Week 5: Painful truth

Main topics:

  • Looking for win-win;
  • The nature of objections;
  • Convincing quickly.

Week 6: Winning over hearts and minds

Main topics:

  • Pitching as a persuasion process;
  • Perfect pitch preparation;
  • The secret structure;
  • The reason people ask questions.


ODSC APAC Conference 2023

ODSC APAC Conference 2023

ODSC Conference, online (2023). We have reached an inflection point in both the artificial intelligence (AI) industry and society at large, and the APAC region is at the epicenter of this change. This is why the Open Data Science Conference Asia-Pacific (ODSC APAC) is gathering leading experts from across the globe to share knowledge, tools and techniques in the latest data science and AI trends, such as large language models (LLMs), data analytics, machine learning and responsible AI.

Day 1

Main topics:

  • The AI revolution;
  • Spatial data in the cloud;
  • Generative AI landscape;
  • AI in HR functions;
  • Generative AI and law.

Day 2

Main topics:

  • The generative AI (GenAI) frontier;
  • Responsible AI in practice;
  • Building a GenAI app;
  • Generative AI in education;
  • LLMs are not necessarily GenAI.


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World's first phone-free tourist island

World’s first phone-free tourist island

Reddit post & Popularity

Chung, François [u/fchung]. “Finland introduces the world’s first phone-free tourist island.” Reddit, 16 July 2023,





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Travel Desk. “Finland introduces world’s first phone-free tourist island.” The Independent, 21 June 2023,

Ulko-Tammio, a tourist island off the coast of Finland, is a beautiful place where visitors are encouraged to distance themselves from their cell phones this summer. The goal of this initiative is to become the first island in the world without cell phones. Tourists will be asked to keep their cell phones (or any mobile devices) in their pockets, distance themselves from social media and fully enjoy the island. This is an initiative that could also be implemented in other natural and recreational destinations.


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Beaming solar power from space

Beaming solar power from space

Reddit post & Popularity

Chung, François [u/fchung]. “Japan will try to beam solar power from space by 2025 : « The technology is appealing because orbital solar arrays represent a potentially unlimited renewable energy supply. ».” Reddit, 23 June 2023,





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Bonifacic, Igor. “Japan will try to beam solar power from space by 2025.” Engadget, 30 May 2023,

Japan has been trying for decades to make it possible to transmit solar energy from space to Earth. In 2015, the country made a breakthrough when scientists managed to transmit 1.8 kilowatts of power, enough energy to power an electric kettle. Today, Japan is on the verge of bringing this technology closer to reality. Indeed, a project will attempt to deploy a series of small satellites in orbit, from which the solar energy collected by the solar panels will then be transmitted to reception stations on the ground.


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