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Currently, I am Digital Business Analyst at Fujitsu (BE). Prior to that, I have been working as a Scientific Software Engineer at CISTIB/UPF (ES), R&D Engineer in Intelligent Systems at Inspiralia (ES), Consultant in Energy Efficiency at E²=MC (BE), Consultant in Software Implementation at Sofico (BE), and Business Analyst at FIS (BE). Since January 2011, I am Ph.D. in Computer Science from Mines ParisTech (FR). My Ph.D. was done at Asclepios/INRIA Sophia-Antipolis (FR). My thesis mainly deals with the analysis of medical images and took place within the framework of the EU Marie Curie project 3D Anatomical Human (3DAH). Before starting my Ph.D., I took courses in computer vision and robotics at ViCOROB/UdG (ES). In 2005, I graduated Industrial Engineer in Computer Science (Ing./M.Sc.) from ISIB (BE).

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Japanese scientists are developing a way to regrow human teeth: « Such a treatment could be revolutionary for those with missing teeth, by accident or by conditions such as hypodontia. » @mymodernmet #tooth #regrow #health

The global project to make a general robotic brain: « The highly successful generative AI formula doesn’t easily carry over into robotics, because the Internet is not full of robotic-interaction data. » @IEEESpectrum #generalist #robotics #AI

'A mouse for your mouth': New device allows users to scroll with their tongues, « Professionals who use their hands a lot, like mechanics or surgeons, have shown interest in the device. » @nbcnews @RubergSara @PattersonNBC #mouthpad #mouth #mouse

Researchers release open-source space debris model: « We hope to engage the global community in advancing our understanding of satellite orbits and contributing to the sustainable use of space. » @MIT #MOCAT #space #debris

How Microsoft found a potential new battery material using AI: « It uses a combination of lithium and sodium, an abundant element and the main component of salt . » @Verge @justcalmajourno #battery #materials #AI

New images reveal what Neptune and Uranus really look like: « Despite the commonly-held belief that Neptune is a deep azure and Uranus has a pale cyan appearance. » @physorg_com @UniofOxford #neptune #uranus #space

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