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Engineers find a new way to convert carbon dioxide into useful products: « A catalyst tethered by DNA boosts the efficiency of the electrochemical conversion of CO2 to CO, a building block for many chemical compounds. » @MIT #CO2 #DNA #sustainability

MIT engineers want to give household robots ‘common sense’: « The new method enables robots to complete tasks even if they encounter unexpected problems like being nudged or hit. » @IntEngineering #commonsense #household #robotics

AI and the paradox of self-replacing workers: « Madison Mohns presents three leadership principles to embrace technological progress while prioritizing your coworkers' well-being. » @TEDTalks #workplace #ethics #AI

Brain’s ‘background noise’ may explain value of shock therapy: « New research suggests it may restore balance between excitation and inhibition in the brain. » @QuantaMagazine @lizlandau #shocktherapy #psychiatry #neuroscience

‘Quantum tornado’ could unlock secrets of black holes: « This research could eventually lead us to predict how quantum fields behave in curved spacetimes around astrophysical black holes. » @sciencefocus @noaleach #quantum #tornado #blackhole

The miracle of organ donation — and a breakthrough for the future: « Abbas Ardehali introduces cutting-edge medical advances in machine perfusion that could help put time back on the patient's side. » @TEDTalks #organs #transplants #health

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