François Chung, Ph.D.


E²=MC project @Brussels, Belgium (2014). Brufodebat is a cycle of trainings-debates organized by Bruxelles Environment (IBGE) and whose main themes are the liberalization of energy markets, the social energy guidance, the rational use of energy and the structural measures to improve the energy efficiency of buildings and equipments. These trainings are for social workers involved in the issues of energy poverty and take place in the form of basic and advanced modules.

The objective of basic modules is to provide methodologies and tools for social workers to help them in their daily work with households in energy poverty. The objective of advanced modules is to share, deepen, enrich and compare the tools used to support households in energy poverty through exchanges and practical situations.

The main basic and advanced modules are:

  • analysis of energy bills;
  • case analysis;
  • consumer protection in energy markets;
  • energy-saving behaviors;
  • financial aids, subsidies and fundings;
  • new norms and energy standards;
  • social energy guidance;
  • structural measures for buildings and equipments;
  • tools, software and observation charts.

In addition to following the trainings with participants, my work within the training team consists of tasks related to project management, such as:

  • notification of the trainings and registration management;
  • writing and management of training reports and analysis of debates;
  • management and interpretation of the training evaluations by participants;
  • writing and management of the activity reports for the sponsor (IBGE);
  • management of the training notes and their translation.



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