François Chung, Ph.D.
CBK software

CBK software

FIS project @Brussels, Belgium (2017). CBK is a chargeback processing software provided by FIS, which resolves disputed transactions while minimizing fraud loss. CBK is implemented at major banks and card processing centers, offers one single interface to cover all types of exception processing problems, cutting down operational costs, ensuring real financial control and relieving users from repetitive and highly time-consuming tasks to focus on decision making.

Key benefits of CBK are:

  • One single solution for both issuer and acquirer exception processing;
  • Support of the whole chargeback cycle (e.g. retrieval requests and miscellaneous);
  • Easy direct access to the original transactions;
  • Easy user interface to all data (e.g. clearing items);
  • Fast and easy generation of reports and statistics.

More precisely, some of the main features of CBK include:

  • International, domestic and on-us dispute management;
  • Multi-currency, multi-bank and multi-platform solution;
  • Fraud reporting and deadline control;
  • EMV compliance and clearing rule validation;
  • Interfaces to card, merchant and document management systems;
  • Interfaces to accounting systems;
  • Business rule automation;
  • Modular architecture and open database system.

Within the CBK team, my tasks are related to business analysis (e.g. product presentation and meeting the client to discuss its business needs), software implementation (e.g. configuration of the solution within the client’s environment and post project support) and project management (e.g. project coordination during the software implementation phase).


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