François Chung, Ph.D.
UREBA Exceptionnel

UREBA Exceptionnel

E²=MC project @Jambes, Belgium (2013). The UREBA Exceptionnel subsidies are subsidies granted by the Walloon Region (BE) for the execution of works, such as the purchase and installation of materials or equipment, aiming to improve the energy efficiency and the rational use of energy in buildings. These subsidies are intended for persons of public law and non-commercial organisations, such as municipalities, schools, hospitals, swimming pools and community services.

The main works taken into account by these subsidies include:

  • the thermal insulation of building walls;
  • the replacement or upgrading of the heating system;
  • the improvement of the lighting system;
  • the implementation of a district heating.

The analytical criteria used to assess both the relevance and effectiveness of the proposed works are:

  • technical characteristics;
  • working hypotheses;
  • sizing of the works;
  • energy saving;
  • reduction of polluting emissions (e.g. CO2 and SO2);
  • economic assessment (e.g. costs and return on investment);
  • relevance of chosen techniques;
  • standards and codes of good behaviour.

As a Consultant in Energy Efficiency, my work consists in analysing these technical, energetic and economic criteria so as to determine the eligibility of the proposed works according to their relevance, and then to rank them according to their energy efficiency.