François Chung, Ph.D.
Accounting and finance for IT professionals

Accounting and finance for IT professionals

Coursera training, MOOC (2017). Given online by the Indian School of Business (IN), this training presents the basics of financial accounting and finance. The first part focuses on the most important financial statements, financial health and performance of the company. The second part focuses on the basics of finance. The training also introduces the real options and their impact on decision making.

Week 1: Basics of financial statements

Main topics:

  • Balance sheet;
  • Assets and liabilities;
  • Shareholders' equity;
  • Income statement and expenses;
  • Statement of cash flows.

Week 2: Financial statement analysis

Main topics:

  • Profitability ratios;
  • Activity ratios;
  • Solvency and liquidity ratios;
  • DuPont identity;
  • Limitations of ratio analysis.

Week 3: Time value of money

Main topics:

  • Ordinary annuities;
  • Effective annual rate (EAR);
  • Annuity due and perpetuities;
  • Discount rate;
  • Diversification.

Week 4: Capital budgeting

Main topics:

  • Net present value (NPV);
  • Internal rate of return (IRR);
  • Free cash flows;
  • Sensitivity analysis;
  • Uncertainties in projects.


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