François Chung, Ph.D.
Business process and decision modeling

Business process and decision modeling

HPI training, MOOC (2021). This online training introduces concepts of business process modeling using the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) industry standard. Based on a thorough understanding of BPMN, the last part of the training covers decision models using the Decision Model and Notation (DMN). Decision models complement process models by representing concrete, operational decisions, both with their structure and their decision logics.

Week 1: Introduction to business process management

Main topics:

  • Defining business processes;
  • Business process models;
  • Interacting business processes;
  • Models and instances;
  • Business process lifecycle.

Week 2: Basic business process modeling

Main topics:

  • Process activities;
  • Exclusive and parallel gateways;
  • Inclusive gateways and loops;
  • Start, intermediate and end events;
  • Concurrency.

Week 3: Analyzing the behavior of process models

Main topics:

  • Process behavior;
  • Structural soundness;
  • Simulating business processes;
  • Petri nets and process analysis;
  • Checking soundness.

Week 4: Advanced business process modeling

Main topics:

  • Sub-processes and boundary events;
  • Activity modifiers;
  • Event-based gateway;
  • Modeling organizations;
  • Resource allocation patterns.

Week 5: Data in business process models

Main topics:

  • Organizing process models;
  • Data and data flow;
  • Data execution semantics;
  • Structured data and sub-processes;
  • Object lifecycle conformance.

Week 6: Business decision modeling

Main topics:

  • Implementation of decisions;
  • Decision requirements diagrams;
  • Semantics of decision tables;
  • Analysis of decision tables;
  • Consistency of processes and decisions.


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