François Chung, Ph.D.
Enterprise Design Thinking

Enterprise Design Thinking

IBM training, MOOC (2020). This 3-course online training from IBM aims to train design thinkers to address uncertainty, work within constraints, and create human-centered solutions. People with a human-centered mindset are primed to solve problems together, with empathy and humility. With Enterprise Design Thinking, teams can work more efficiently, because they stay aligned and keep people at the center of their work. It’s a proven way to come to better solutions, faster.

Course 1: Enterprise Design Thinking practitioner

Main topics:

  • A focus on user outcomes;
  • Restless reinvention;
  • Diverse empowered teams;
  • Make a plan.

Course 2: Enterprise Design Thinking co-creator

Main topics:

  • Embrace diversity on your team;
  • Stakeholder map;
  • Create a research plan;
  • Turn research into actions;
  • Empathy map;
  • Build detailed prototypes;
  • Prioritization grid;
  • Refine through feedback;
  • Experience-based roadmap.

Course 3: Enterprise Design Thinking - Team Essentials for AI

Main topics:

  • The AI essentials framework;
  • Define your intent;
  • Identify data sources;
  • Recognize what your AI needs to understand;
  • Articulate your AI strategy;
  • Reflect on your AI’s capabilities.