François Chung, Ph.D.
Learning how to learn

Learning how to learn

Coursera training, MOOC (2016). Given online by the University of California (US), this training presents the learning techniques and best practices used by experts in art, music, literature, math, science, sports and many other disciplines. No matter what skill levels in given topics, these techniques aim to turbocharge successful learning by giving tips and insights to make the best use of time on problem sets.

Week 1: What is learning?

Main topics:

  • Focused and diffused modes;
  • Introduction to memory;
  • Importance of sleep.

Week 2: Chunking

Main topics:

  • Introduction to chunking;
  • Illusions of competence;
  • Overlearning, Einstellung and interleaving.

Week 3: Procrastination and memory

Main topics:

  • Procrastination and memory;
  • Process versus product;
  • Memory palace technique.

Week 4: Unlocking your potential

Main topics:

  • Visual metaphor or analogy;
  • Value of teamwork;
  • Test checklist.


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