François Chung, Ph.D.
Sustainable development: issues and paths

Sustainable development: issues and paths

UL training, MOOC (2015). Given online by Université Laval (UL), this training provides the main keys to understand the concept of sustainable development in order to promote active participation in debates and actions for transition to its implementation. The training explains the basic concepts of environmental, social and economic issues related to the development, while taking into account the diversity of discourses and the complexity of issues.

Module 1: Greatness and misery of development in the 20th century

Main topics:

  • The industrious years;
  • Stockholm Conference;
  • Brundtland Report.

Module 2: Ethics, environment and development

Main topics:

  • Ethics of sustainable development;
  • Limits and precaution;
  • Ecocentric ethics.

Module 3: A garbage atmosphere

Main topics:

  • Low-altitude pollution;
  • Depletion of the ozonosphere;
  • Climatic changes.

Module 4: A twisted hydrosphere

Main topics:

  • Assimilative capacity;
  • Biogeochemical cycles;
  • Sampling volume.

Module 5: A humanized biosphere

Main topics:

  • Ocean acidification;
  • Expansion of agricultural land;
  • Biodiversity loss.

Module 6: Footprints and paths

Main topics:

  • Population;
  • Consumption;
  • Technology;
  • End of the linear economy.

Module 7: Complexity, vision and commitment

Main topics:

  • Complexity;
  • Pragmatism of targets;
  • Measures of happiness;
  • Collective actions.


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