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Euclid's first images: the dazzling edge of darkness, « We have never seen astronomical images like this before, containing so much detail. They are even more beautiful and sharp than we could have hoped for. » @esa #euclid #darkmatter #space

Where is the true center of the Universe? « What we conventionally think of as the Big Bang didn't occur at a single point in space, but rather long ago and everywhere at once. » @bigthink @StartsWithABang #universe #center #astrophysics

In a surprising finding, light can make water evaporate without heat: « It might play an important part in many industrial processes such as solar-powered desalination of water. » @MIT #photothermal #water #evaporation

Nanoparticles deliver treatment directly to tumors of deadly brain cancer: « This has really opened up an entirely new way to treat these patients, although much more work needs to be done. » @YaleMed #nanoparticle #cancer #brain

A commercial spaceplane is almost ready to fly: « We’re almost done with everything. We’re finishing all the closeout panels. We’re essentially getting it ready for shipping. » @arstechnica @StephenClark1 #commercial #dreamchaser #space

First high-resolution image of thick filaments of muscle cells: « Our aim is to paint a complete picture of the sarcomere one day. » @maxplanckpress #heart #sarcomere #cryotomography

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