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Who invented the alphabet?

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Chung, François [u/fchung]. “Who invented the alphabet? « The reigning academic consensus has been that highly educated people must have created the alphabet. But Goldwasser’s research is upending that notion. She suggests that it was actually a group of illiterate Canaanite miners who made the breakthrough. ».” Reddit, 23 January 2021,







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Wilson, Lydia. “Who Invented the Alphabet?.” Smithsonian Magazine, January 2021,

Centuries before Moses crossed the desert of the Sinai Peninsula, this desert wedged between Africa and Asia mainly attracted those attracted by the rich mineral deposits hidden in the rocks. And it was during one of these expeditions, around 4000 years ago, that a mysterious person or group took a daring step. Scratched on the wall of a mine is the very first attempt at what we now call the alphabet. The evidence, which continues to be examined and reinterpreted 116 years after its discovery, is found on a windswept plateau in Egypt called Serabit el-Khadim.


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