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UREBA Exceptionnel

UREBA Exceptionnel

E²=MC project @Jambes, Belgium (2013). The UREBA Exceptionnel subsidies are subsidies granted by the Walloon Region (BE) for the execution of works, such as the purchase and installation of materials or equipment, aiming to improve the energy efficiency and the rational use of energy in buildings. These subsidies are intended for persons of public law and […]

CVIU 2013 - Academic journal

CVIU 2013 – Academic journal article

Publication François Chung, Hervé Delingette; Regional appearance modeling based on the clustering of intensity profiles; In: Computer Vision and Image Understanding (CVIU), 117 (6), pp. 705-717, 2013. Abstract Model-based image segmentation is a popular approach for the segmentation of anatomical structures from medical images because it includes prior knowledge about the shape and appearance of structures […]



Inspiralia project @Madrid, Spain (2013). The competitiveness of the European beekeeping sector is progressively falling due to the reduction of production as a direct consequence of the decrease in bee population. In addition, beekeeping products from countries with lower quality standards are gaining market share in Europe through an unfair competition. Furthermore, there is a lack […]

Inspiralia 2013 - Technical report

Inspiralia 2013 – Technical report

Publication François Chung, Tomás Rodríguez; A general framework for multi-focal image classification and authentication: Application to microscope pollen images; Inspiralia, Madrid, 2013. Abstract In this article, we propose a general framework for multi-focal image classification and authentication, the methodology being demonstrated on microscope pollen images. The framework is meant to be generic and based on […]