François Chung, Ph.D.

Tag: active contour model

EUE 2017 - Book

EUE 2017 – Book

Publication François Chung, Tomás Rodríguez; Multi-focal Image Segmentation, Classification and Authentication: A General Framework applied on Microscope Pollen Images; Éditions universitaires européennes (EUE), Saarbrücken, 2017; ISBN: 978-3841677907. Abstract In this book, we propose a general framework for multi-focal image segmentation, classification and authentication, the methodology being demonstrated on microscope pollen images. The framework is meant to be […]

Inspiralia 2012 - Technical report

Inspiralia 2012 – Technical report

Publication François Chung, Tomás Rodríguez; Automatic pollen grain and exine segmentation from microscope images; Inspiralia, Madrid, 2012. Abstract In this article, we propose an automatic method for the segmentation of pollen grains from microscope images, followed by the automatic segmentation of their exine. The objective of exine segmentation is to separate the pollen grain in […]