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ODSC APAC Conference 2023

ODSC APAC Conference 2023

ODSC Conference, online (2023). We have reached an inflection point in both the artificial intelligence (AI) industry and society at large, and the APAC region is at the epicenter of this change. This is why the Open Data Science Conference Asia-Pacific (ODSC APAC) is gathering leading experts from across the globe to share knowledge, tools and techniques in the latest data science and AI trends, such as large language models (LLMs), data analytics, machine learning and responsible AI.

Day 1

Main topics:

  • The AI revolution;
  • Spatial data in the cloud;
  • Generative AI landscape;
  • AI in HR functions;
  • Generative AI and law.

Day 2

Main topics:

  • The generative AI (GenAI) frontier;
  • Responsible AI in practice;
  • Building a GenAI app;
  • Generative AI in education;
  • LLMs are not necessarily GenAI.


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