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PRINCE2 Foundation

PRINCE2 Foundation

B2B Learning training, Belgium (2018). This 3-day accredited training gives a complete introduction to the PRINCE2 project management method and prepares for the certification exam. PRINCE2 is a method for managing projects in a structured way and provides an easily tailored and scalable method for the management of all types of projects, e.g. with a management by stages, by defining roles and responsibilities, learning from experience and focusing on products.

Module 1: Introduction

Main topics:

  • Features and benefits;
  • Definition and characteristics of a project;
  • Six aspects of project performance;
  • Integrated elements of PRINCE2;
  • Customer/supplier context.

Module 2: PRINCE2 principles

Main topics:

  • Continued business justification;
  • Learn from experience;
  • Defined roles and responsibilities;
  • Manage by stages;
  • Manage by exception;
  • Focus on products;
  • Tailor to suit the project.

Module 3: PRINCE2 themes

Main topics:

  • Business case;
  • Organization;
  • Quality;
  • Plans;
  • Risk;
  • Change;
  • Progress.

Module 4: PRINCE2 processes

Main topics:

  • Starting up a project;
  • Directing a project;
  • Initiating a project;
  • Controlling a stage;
  • Managing product delivery;
  • Managing a stage boundary;
  • Closing a project.



Certification (PeopleCert)

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