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Requirements engineering

Requirements engineering

Coralius training, Belgium (2016). This classroom training is intended to get acquainted with the requirements engineering process as supported by the International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB). Main objectives are to apply learnings and principles to the requirement gathering and analysis (RGA) phase, recognize risks and address them appropriately, as well as gather, analyze, specify, validate and document requirements in a correct and structured fashion.

Day 1: Foundations and stakeholders

Main topics:

  • Need of requirements engineering;
  • Basics of communication theory;
  • Skills of a requirements engineer;
  • Documentation of requirements;
  • Onion model;
  • Stakeholder analysis.

Day 2: Requirement management

Main topics:

  • Requirement elicitation;
  • Requirement analysis;
  • Requirement specification;
  • Requirement validation;
  • Traceability and priority;
  • Change management.


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