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VPH 2012 - Conference

VPH 2012 – Conference proceeding

Publication Yves Martelli, Tristan Whitmarsh, Ludovic Humbert, François Chung, Luis M. del Río Barquero, Silvana Di Gregorio, Luigi Carotenuto, Alejandro F. Frangi; A software framework for 3D reconstruction and fracture risk assessment of the proximal femur from dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry; VPH 2012: Virtual Physiological Human – Integrative approaches to computational biomedicine, London, 2012. Abstract In […]

GIMIAS framework

GIMIAS framework

UPF project @Barcelona, Spain (2012). GIMIAS (Graphical Interface for Medical Image Analysis and Simulation) is a workflow-oriented environment for solving biomedical image computing and simulation problems, which is extensible through the development of problem-specific plugins. In addition, GIMIAS provides an open source framework for the development of research and clinical software prototypes while allowing business-friendly […]