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Summer trainings 2023

Summer trainings 2023

Red Cross training, Belgium (2023). This series of summer training courses, which are divided between face-to-face and virtual sessions, is a learning opportunity offered by the Red Cross to all of its members during the summer. Although these trainings are not necessarily related to a particular activity, they are intended to be useful not only within the activities of the Red Cross, but also in the private lives of its members.

Benevolent management

Main subjects:

  • Well-being, letting go, circle of influence;
  • Including people and listening in decisions;
  • Recognizing skills, gaps and difficulties;
  • Bringing the teams to the highest of their potential;
  • Delegating: objective, feedback and rules of the game;
  • Emotional management;
  • Tips for a benevolent management;
  • Fact-based feedback;
  • Collaborative governance: vision, mission and values.

Providing feedback

Main subjects:

  • How to establish effective communication;
  • White flag: positive, named, and introduced intention;
  • Nurturing positive feedback;
  • Karpman's Drama Triangle;
  • Johari window;
  • Feedback: positive, constructive, absolute and factual;
  • The mechanisms of communication;
  • The 4 Toltec Agreements;
  • The Insights Discovery method;
  • Feedback techniques: SBI/SCI, FAIR, DESC, OSBD.

Miro workshop

Main subjects:

  • Miro as a collaborative platform;
  • Structure: team, project, board, frame;
  • Miro template library;
  • Preparing for an online meeting;
  • Collaborative work by sharing boards.


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