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Passive and (very) low energy building

Passive and (very) low energy building

IBGE training, Belgium (2014). This classroom training organised by Bruxelles Environnement (IBGE) covers the applications to achieve a low energy building, involving the control of needs and the choice of both systems and energy sources. The objective of low energy, as well as the general concepts related to energy (insulation, systems, airtightness and ventilation), are addressed through an alternation between ex-cathedra courses and practical exercises.

Day 1: Introduction and ventilation

Main topics:

  • Evolution of the energy standard;
  • Calculation of air flow;
  • Ground-coupled heat exchanger.

Day 2: Airtightness and insulation

Main topics:

  • Calculation of heat loss;
  • Construction methods;
  • Thermal bridges.

Day 3: Systems

Main topics:

  • Production and distribution of heat;
  • Production and distribution of cold;
  • Artificial light.

Day 4: Design strategies

Main topics:

  • Loss minimization;
  • Management of free contributions;
  • Overheating minimization.

Day 5: Envelope design process

Main topics:

  • Airtightness;
  • Constructive nodes;
  • Thermal bridges.

Day 6: System design process

Main topics:

  • Primary energy consumption;
  • From sketch to operation;
  • Preliminary design study.

Day 7: From theory to practice

Main topics:

  • Construction site visit;
  • Orders of magnitude;
  • Strategies for the future.



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