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Azure: fundamentals, machine learning and Power BI

Azure: fundamentals, machine learning and Power BI

Microsoft Docs training, MOOC (2020). These 3 online courses present Microsoft Azure and Power BI. The training teaches the basic cloud concepts, along with hands-on exercises, and provides an overview of Azure services, such as Azure Machine Learning (ML), which is a cloud platform for training, deploying, managing and monitoring ML models. Furthermore, the training explains how to use Power BI and build business intelligence reports.

Course 1: Azure fundamentals

Main topics:

  • Principles of cloud computing;
  • Azure architecture and service guarantees;
  • Compute, data storage and networking;
  • Security, responsibility and trust;
  • Infrastructure standards with Azure Policy;
  • Azure resources with Azure Resource Manager.

Course 2: Azure machine learning

Main topics:

  • Working with data;
  • Orchestrate ML with pipelines;
  • Deploy ML models;
  • Automate model selection;
  • Tune hyperparameters;
  • Monitor models and data drift.

Course 3: Power BI

Main topics:

  • Get started building with Power BI;
  • Get data with Power BI Desktop;
  • Model and explore data;
  • Use visuals, publish and share.



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