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CBM 2009 - Conference

CBM 2009 – Conference proceeding

Publication Tobias Heimann, François Chung, Hans Lamecker, Hervé Delingette; Subject-specific ligament models: Towards real-time simulation of the knee joint; CBM 2009: Computational Biomechanics for Medicine IV, London, 2009. Abstract We present an efficient finite element method to simulate a transversely isotropic non-linear material for ligaments. The approach relies on tetrahedral elements and exploits the geometry […]

CCIA 2006 – Conference

CCIA 2006 – Conference proceeding

Publication Emili Hernàndez, Pere Ridao, Marc Carreras, David Ribas, Narcís Palomeras, Andres El-Fakdi, François Chung, Toni Almohaya, Xavier Ribas, Guillermo García de Marina, Joan Massich, Natàlia Hurtós; ICTINEU AUV, un robot per a competir; CCIA 2006: Congrés Català d’Intel.ligència Artificial, Associació Catalana d’Intel.ligència Artificial (ACIA), Perpignan, 2006. Abstract SAUC-E (Student Autonomous Underwater Challenge – Europe) […]

SAUC-E competition

SAUC-E competition

UdG project @Girona, Spain (2006). Inspired by the American competitions, SAUC-E (Student Autonomous Underwater Challenge – Europe) is the first underwater robotics competition for students to be held in Europe. To be eligible, a group of students must design and build a robot capable of carrying out, autonomously, a mission predefined by the organization in […]

UdG 2006 - Technical report

UdG 2006 – Technical report

Publication David Ribas, Narcís Palomeras, Xavier Ribas, Guillermo García de Marina, Emili Hernàndez, François Chung, Natàlia Hurtós, Joan Massich, Toni Almohaya, Josep Vila; ICTINEU AUV takes the challenge; Universitat de Girona (UdG), Girona, 2006. Abstract Within 1857-1868, Narcis Monturiol developed the first Spanish submarine. Almost one hundred and fifty years later, a pioneer team of students of […]

M.Sc. Thesis 2005 - Master's thesis

M.Sc. Thesis 2005 – Master’s thesis

Publication François Chung, Jonathan Lousse; Supervision centralisée d’infrastructures distantes en réseaux avec gestion des alarmes et notification des alertes; Master’s thesis (M.Sc. Thesis), Institut Supérieur Industriel de Bruxelles (ISIB), 2005. Abstract Pour assurer la disponibilité permanente de leur infrastructure informatique, les entreprises ont rapidement compris que la supervision était devenue une ressource-clé. Bon nombre de […]

Centralized supervision

Centralized supervision

ISIB project @Brussels, Belgium (2005). To ensure the permanent availability of their Information Technology (IT) infrastructure, companies have quickly realized that supervision had become a key resource. Many supervision software are available but Nagios is certainly the most common open source software and the most followed by the developer community. In this work, we developed a […]