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Summer trainings 2022

Summer trainings 2022

Red Cross training, Belgium (2022). This series of summer training courses, which are divided between face-to-face and virtual sessions, is a learning opportunity offered by the Red Cross to all of its members during the summer. Although these trainings are not necessarily related to a particular activity, they are intended to be useful not only within the activities of the Red Cross, but also in the private lives of its members.


Main topics:

  • Basic shapes;
  • Typography;
  • Containers and banners;
  • Visual path;
  • Characters;
  • Pictograms;
  • Effects and colors.

Collective intelligence

Main topics:

  • Improve the effectiveness of meetings;
  • Power of the circular mode;
  • Me, in your place;
  • Participatory cycles;
  • Analysis of the levers of change;
  • Development of a mature proposal;
  • Individual decision with consultation;
  • Collective decision by consent.

Applied salutogenesis

Main topics:

  • Develop your capacity for resilience;
  • Consistency and good health;
  • Salutogenesis as a shield through life;
  • Levels of response to a crisis;
  • Get an individual or a team out of a stressful situation;
  • Nourish the 3 salutogenic dimensions;
  • Veracity vs salutogenic conditions.

Moving forward in uncertainty

Main topics:

  • Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity (VUCA);
  • Iterative cycles;
  • Kanban and backlog;
  • Lessons learned;
  • Continuous improvement applied;
  • Client-team relationship;
  • Project brief.


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