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UML class diagrams

UML class diagrams

edX training, MOOC (2020). This online computer science training from KU Leuven (BE) provides an in-depth understanding of Unified Modeling Language (UML) class diagrams, which are used to visually represent the conceptual design of a system. The training presents UML class diagrams and explains how they are used to map out the structure of a business domain by showing business objects, their attributes and associations.

Week 1: Introduction

Main topics:

  • Why does data modelling matter?
  • Modelling languages.

Week 2: UML basics

Main topics:

  • Attributes and data types;
  • Class definitions;
  • Unary and ternary association;
  • Aggregation;
  • Derived and implicit association;
  • Parallel paths.

Week 3: UML advanced

Main topics:

  • Superclass, subclass and inheritance;
  • Generalisation sets;
  • Constraints on generalisation and specialisation;
  • Inherited associations;
  • AssociationClass;
  • Association reification.


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