François Chung, Ph.D.


Les récentes (sur Twitter)

The dream of digital ownership, powered by the metaverse: « Technologist Yat Siu believes the "open metaverse" is laying the foundation for a freer, fairer, more prosperous society. » @TEDTalks @ysiu #ecosystem #web3 #metaverse

Google Meet’s new AI will be able to go to meetings for you: « To help you catch up on and remember what happened in your Meet calls. But it can also maybe save you the trouble of attending in the first place. » @Verge @jaypeters #meetings #WFH #AI

Brain implant allows paralyzed patient to communicate through digital avatar: « By outfitting a piece of animation software with a custom AI that could use the patient's word signals to simulate facial expressions. » @futurism #speech #digitalavatar #AI

The end of the Googleverse: « For 2 decades, Google Search was the invisible force that determined the ebb and flow of online content. Now, for the 1st time, its cultural relevance is in question. » @Verge @broderick #onlinecontent #searchengine #internet

We are not empty: « The wave-like picture predominates until a measurement disturbs it. Instead of localised bullets in empty space, matter delocalises into continuous quantum clouds. » @aeonmag @MarioBarbatti #atoms #chemistry #quantumtheory

AI chip may find use in generative AI: « Many controversial AI systems, including ChatGPT and other large language models, as well as generative AI now used to create video and images, may benefit from the device. » @IEEESpectrum @cqchoi #LLM #chip #AI

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